My name's Tasha and Kuzupeko ruined my life

byahkuyah said: tell him he can’t touch what he can’t afford and then rip his dick off xo

he’s not gonna have any genitals left by the end of this jfc 


//sdr2 spoilers //kuzupeko

imagine Kuzuryuu has reoccurring vivid nightmares of Peko’s execution. He wakes up screaming, clutching his eye where her blade had cut, cursing and shouting her name in desperation. He swears he can see her at the end of his bed, smiling, blood slowly trickling from the corner of her mouth as she leans over to touch him. Kuzuryuu reaches back, hoping to grab her hand, until she opens her eyes and they’re hollow. She disappears, a whisper of her voice left apologizing to him as Kuzuryuu frantically searches for her before his door is opened and his concerned friends run in to see what’s wrong. Hinata shakes him, asking what’s wrong and Kuzuryuu cries that she was there! She was alive! Hinata smiles sadly, but shakes his head and explains that no she wasn’t, it was a dream, she’s not coming back.

zyghost said: rip off his ballsack and use it as a beard prosthetic

oh my god pez thats so beautiful thank u so much

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